Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Horoscope for all Sun Signs - 21-10-2012

Aries 20th March to 18th April You will be attracted to art and some luxury items. There will be little stress in this week. You will feel more attached to your mother. Try to control your anger.
Taurus 19th April to 19th May You will think positively regarding your career or studies . You will spend money on your house items. Sometimes you will feel lonely.There will be good bonding with a friend
Gemini 20th May to 20th June Your mother will give you support and strength.You will feel little stress regarding studies or career.You will get support from your boss.There will be a little delay in terms of starting something new.
Cancer 21st June to 21st July Negative thoughts will give little tension.You will feel better and will get support from your colleague at working place.In spite of little stress you will feel inner strength.You will be more caring for your mother.
Leo 22nd July to 21st August You will feel lacking in inner strength. These days you will become short tempered.Some progressive work would be in hands. Positive thoughts will come regarding your work.
Virgo 22nd August to 21st September You will feel more attachment with your parents.There will be a little delay in work.Luck is favorable so the results will be positive.You will spend money on clothes and jewellery .
Libra 22nd September to 22nd October There will be a little difference between you and your father. Control your anger or else your words would come out weird. You will feel attracted to someone.This is a progressive week for your work.
Scorpio 22nd October to 20th November Your positive thoughts will give you strength. There will be little argument with your partner.Some new thoughts will arise regarding your work. You will get attention from you friends.
Sagittarius 21st November to 20th December Your father will be more attached to you.Some thoughts will disturb you.You will feel little tension about your siblings. Friends will be more protective.
Capricorn 21st December to 19th January You will do work very progressively.
Some aggressive thoughts will come regarding your partner. There will come some more expensive items in your office. Your views will clash with your friends and mother.
Aquarius 20th January to 18th February There will be favourable week for your family . You will do something special for your friends . you will get some new and powerful contact . You will try to do some investment .
Pisces 19th February to 19th March You will feel little inner strength in this week. Your partner will be comparatively aggressive.Father will be more friendly with you.You will get more attention in your working area. 

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