Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Horoscope for all Sun Signs - 02-12-2012

Teachers will adore you and your work .you should not think negative and avoid people's negative talk. You may plan to go somewhere. You should do some creative work.   
There will be little health issue to you. You should invest more money in land. Your mother would be more caring for you. Some of your decisions could be wrong for you so be careful.
You should make your decisions very properly. There will be new income source for you. You should take property on your mother's name. There will be little misunderstanding with your spouse.
Some negative thoughts will disturb you. You should solve your property matter, stars will favor you. You should develop a good relation with your siblings. Don't be involved in other's matter.
You should increase your self confidence .your parents would understand your views. Some marriages proposal may come for your brother. Problem of your house will be reducing gradually. 
There might be begin a little new project and this will give you energy. Everything would be smooth day by day so don't be upset at all. Unexpected expenditure will give you tension. Financially this is a better time.  
There would be a better work regarding your work. Some new contact will be developed and it will be beneficial .you should increase your patience level. Your elder kid would give you a pleasant surprise.
There might be a little possibility of tension in your house .you should control your anger and think positive about your family. One of your friends will persuade you from your siblings. You should invest money in flat or house.   
There might be little argument with your father that you should avoid .your financial position would increase. You should solve your legal matters. Think twice before making your decision.   
Your mother would be misunderstood by you because of a wrong reason .you should wait for some time for new investment. Your boss and father would admire your work
You will feel a little low because of your children's health. You should avoid other's views about you . You should plan a new future project. Everything would be in managed way regarding your work.
You should do some alteration in your office. Avoid speaking harsh Words. . Someone will contact for a business venture. Engage your mind in creative work. 

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