Sunday, April 20, 2014

WEEKLY PREDICTION:- 20th - 27th April 2014 2014 by NISHA J

Don't get upset if things are not worked out. It's just matter of time. Restart your work with full of confidence. Remember every cloud has a silver line. If you are focused victory will be yours. Need to take care of your finances.
Tip of the week
I accept challenges as an essential element to sustain balance.

You might face some problem in your new project. May be you feel like giving up. Don't keep hard feeling at your work place. Soon you will take control on the situation. Promotion indicated. Your married life will be good. Chances of abroad travel.
Tip of the week-
I dwell within the joy of an eternal revelation.

Celebration time. Addition in your family indicated. Good time for those who are looking for marriage. Chances for getting engaged. Projects will be fruitful. Be careful in taking major decision.
Tip of the week-
My efforts are repaid through the indwelling presence.

Unexpected expenses indicated. Extra effort needed to make things in your favour. Don't trust blindly in financial matters. As you will be cheated. Need to be calm. Don't panic. Handle the situation tactfully till the matter gets over.
Tip of the week-
I am strong enough to handle any situation.

Reconciliation indicated. Chances of your lover be back in life. Try not to hurt anyone. Be careful in dealing abroad matters. Take decision carefully even if you trust the person. Not a good time to react.
Tip of the week-
A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love.

Beware of emotional blackmail. Don't let anyone to rule your life. Give respect to your elders. Spend some time with them. Chances of emotional disturbance. Don't be afraid to express your emotions. Try to sort out the differences soon.
Tip of the week-
I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.

You might be feeling rest less in financial matters. Don't worry you will get help from unexpected resources. Beware in partnership or relationship. Not a good time for commitment. Wait for the right time. Try to let go.
Tip of the week-
I trust myself and follow my inner voice.

You will be highly intuitive, try to utilize this beautiful gift. Give advice to needy people. Someone from your past is entering in your life. Try to reunite instead of complaints.
Tip of the week-
Following my institution I will keep others and myself safe.

Avoid being harsh with your family members. You will be get rewarded from your good karmas. Work hard and dream big. Things will fall in right place. Your dreams will come true.
Tip of the week-
I choose to see my family as a gift.

You might feel that your world is ended. Instead of running from situation, be brave and face it. The victory will be yours. Unexpected monetary gain indicated. Try to take hold on your position.
Tip of the week-
I am making the right choices every time.

Focus at your work. Try to avoid conflict with your college. Take care of your health. Financial loss indicated. Need to change your attitude. May be you will be hurt but try to compromise.
Tip of the week-
I forgive myself for whatever mistakes I have made.

New opportunities are arriving. Try to grab them. Don't be bossy at your work place. Try to work as a team. You will get chance to express yourself. Shower your love to your loved ones. Your caring nature is bonus of your life. Be careful while driving.
Tip of the week-
I take out the time for my loved ones.

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