Sunday, April 27, 2014

WEEKLY PREDICTION:- 27th April - 4th May 2014 by NISHA

Don't give up for whatever you have dreamed. It's time for manifestation. Things are moving fast. Try to grab the opportunities. Of course struggle is there but benefits are also indicated. So enjoy your ride.

You will get stressed due to finances. Need to work hard and watch your expenses. Be cautious and maintain your budget. Take advice from elders. Keep your picture clear at work place as someone will try to put you down.

Be careful while driving. You will feel betrayed. May be that person is not able to fulfill your desires. So don't be too demanding. New projects will be fruitful. Travel indicated. Take care of your health, chances of getting heat stroke.

Beware of back stepping. Don't waste your time in hasty arguments as it will create misunderstandings. Don't let yourself taken for granted. Focus on your work and set your priority first. You will get financial benefits from different sources.

You have a charismatic personality. Take advantage of this gift. Financial problem or court matter will be sort out. Results will be in your favour. Show your gratitude to divine power.

You may be disheartened from others behavior. Need to be calm and stay grounded. Things are moving in right direction. Only you have to be patience. Good news or bonus indicated.

You might be facing problems due to some planetary changes. Don't be disheartened. Ask divine guidance, help will arrive in any form. Your prayers will be answered soon and you will be protected.

You have to over come from your fears. Don't cry over split milk. You have to move on. Forget the past, be in present and welcome your bright future. Nothing is stable so enjoy the every moment of your life.

Your hard work will be rewarded. Seniors will be happy from your work efficiency. You will get appraisal. Financial problem will be sorted out. Take care of your health. Take doctor's advice.

Be firm and take right decision in your career. Students need to be more focused for desire results. Dream big but efforts also required. Need to face the facts of the life.

It's time to say your old patterns. Be creative and enhance your talents. Meet new people and enjoy the intellectual conversation. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones. Add spice in your life by pampering yourself.

Good news arriving. Singles will meet there desired partner. Wedding bells indicated. Partnership will be fruitful. Those who are looking for jobs will get their desire results. Celebration indicated.

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