Sunday, May 11, 2014

WEEKLY PREDICTION 11th May - 18th May 2014

You might be upset with your finances. Unexpected expenses indicated. Avoid being cranky. Don't be hyper at your work place. Be co- operative and encourage harmony. Things will be in control automatically. Only patience required.
 Message from "The Angels"-
Have faith on divine power. Your problems will be healed soon.

Be careful in relationship. Chances of being emotionally blackmailed and secret may be revealed. Not a good time for partnership. Take situation in your control. Be careful while talking to others, chances of being misunderstood. Talk to the point. ( Keep it short)
 Message from "The Angels"
Focus on your priority. Don't get distracted. Set your goal and work on that.

Take a break from your daily routine. Plan a vocational trip. Not a good time to start a new project. Avoid being harsh. As you will be left alone. Be careful in property and legal matters. Conflict indicated.
 Message from " The Angels"-
Whatever you do, do thorough homework before pursuing.

Someone is being harsh in relationship, that will upset you. Don't let yourself taken for granted. You are the master of your life. Avoid being dormant. Be firm and hold the situation and stop being emotional fool.
Message from "The Angels"-
Follow your gut feelings. Connect with the divine power and you will get the answers.

You may be juggling with your finances. Need to be calm. Be supportive with your loved ones. You will get appraisal at your work place. Good news arriving. You will be satisfied emotionally.
 Message from "The Angels"-
It is never late to get a fresh start and you will be rewarded.

Good news arriving. Chances of addition in family. Pregnant ladies need to be very careful. Take care of your health. Stop being bossy as others will put you down.
Message from "The Angels"-
Your wish is going to flourished. Show gratitude to the divine power.

Be careful in signing documents. Legal issues seem to be tough. Take advice from the right person. Be careful from the secret enemies. As someone will try to put you down. Avoid getting involved in unwanted situation. Keep a note before proceeding further.
Message from "The Angels"-
New beginnings might seem tough but will be fruitful. Need to focus on that.

Need to be balance in material and spiritual world. Don't expect much from overseas project. Need to work hard for expecting results. Avoid being dreamy, face the realty.
Message from " The Angels"
Be within yourself for sometime, spend time with nature angels. You will be rejuvenated.

Be generous with those who care for you. Elders health need to be taken care. Financially you will be secured. Don't give up your dreams, your prayers will be answered soon.
Message from " The Angels"-
Follow your dreams, soon it will be flourished.

You might be going through rough phase. Have faith and you will get the solution. Someone is there to help you out. Expect the miracles and things will be smooth. You will get justice.
 Message from " The Angles"-
Have faith in miracles. Victory will be yours.

You will get support from the higher authority at your work place. Don't spend your hard earned money on unwanted things. Financially you will feel tight. You might face misbehaviour from your colleagues. Try to be firm and self centered.
Message from "The Angels"-
Be expressive whatever you do and do it with open heart.

You will be hyper active at your work place. Channelize your energy in right way. Plan for your loved ones. Be ready for pleasant surprises. Things are in your control. Kids need to be disciplined.
Message from "The Angels"-
Keep your environment light and take care of your loved ones. It is time for enjoyment.

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