Sunday, May 18, 2014

WEEKLY PREDICTION 18th May-25th May 2014

Aries: 20 March-18 April
People will look up to you for guidance as you have leadership qualities. Keep yourself balanced and make sure you stick to what you say. Use your powerful ideas for your career. As it will help you in reaching goal and purpose of your life. Pay extra attention to your loved ones. Express your feelings. Live it, feel it to give and receive

Taurus: 19April- 19 May
Good fortune arriving. You will be in a celebration mood. There are chances of extra additional member in your family. Whatever you have planned, going to be manifested. Be careful in money matters. Not a good time to invest. Set your goals and your priorities. Emotionally you will be high. Love is in air. Someone will enjoy your company.

Gemini: 20 May-20 June
Avoid being hyper and heated arguments at your home. Need to be calm and polite with your loved ones. Lot of things are going in your mind. Emotional tension might bring a minor conflict at your work place also. Take elderly advice or discuss your problem with someone you trust. Try to honor other feelings.

Cancer: 21June-21 July
You will feel very energetic and will be in a playful mood. As things are taking shape according to your wish. Listen to your inner voice. Your open mindedness will help you to grow. May be you will encounter shopping temptation for your loved ones. Your relationship will be in harmony. You will feel that you are special for them.

Leo: 22July-21 August
You will be in a celebration mood. May be you will be high. Too much of eating and drinking can affect your health. Keep yourself balanced. Good opportunity arriving try to grab it. Trust your instincts and connect with your innermost desires. Be a good listner and show interest in your family matters.

Virgo: 22 August-21 September
You have managerial abilities. Utilize this energy and check all aspects of your projects and discover  where you can benefit. Monetary gain indicated but you have to work hard for this. Take your work seriously. Your love life need to be balanced as emotionally you will be high. Short trip will be benefited. 

Libra: 22 September-22 October
Unexpected expenses indicated. You might feel that you are stuck in this situation. Try to let go and don't pressurized yourself. Everything will be balanced soon, as you are on your feet. You have to take the initiative in building bridges. Avoid being carried away with emotions.

Scorpio: 23 October-20 November
Make important decisions about your future projects. Work and personal matter deserve thought and insight. Be cooperative with your colleagues and work as a team. It's good to show your importance but need to be polite. Make productive use of your time. Positive changes indicated.

Sagittarius: 21 November-20 December
You are ready to fight for your rights. Avoid acting on impulse. Need to be patience. As this phase is temporary. Do something concrete. Things will fall into place. Relationship will be in harmony. Your health needs attention. Do something which you enjoy. Take a break from daily routine.

Capricorn: 21 December-19 January
Use your energy in a positive way. Stay focused on your goals. Be practical in thinking. Be ready for some pleasant surprises. People will envy from your status. Don't give a damn what others think of you. Set your standards according your wish. You might be tensed about your relationship. Try to sort out misunderstandings.

Aquarius 20Janurary- 18 February
You need to be cut of from unwanted bondings or relationship. Stay away from controversy. If needed seek guidance from someone you trust. Be flexible and go with the flow. A good time for financial investments. Need to be social. Meet new people and gain new experience.

Pisces: 19 February-19 March
You need to be balanced emotional wise. Set your priority first as you already sacrificed in the past. Ignore what others will think. Seek guidance from your intuition as how to manifest your dreams. Be ready to act fast whenever opportunity comes. You might be quite excited by your thoughts as they will be on a positive note.

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