Sunday, May 4, 2014


Those who are waiting for results will get desired result. Celebration indicated. Overseas related work will flourish. Show gratitude to divine power. It's time to work on higher level. Follow your gut feelings.
Message from "The Fairies"-
Aha! Divine blessing arrived. You will feel on top of the world. "Congrats" and celebrate.

Channelize your energies in correct way.
Drop your ego. Keep yourself grounded and in control. Set your mind on positive node. Explore your creative sides. Avoid unpredictable people's company.
Message from "The Fairies"-
Release non beneficial energies from your life. Open up for fresh breeze. Meet new friends and explore your world.

It's time to manifest your dreams. Utilized your talents and success will be yours. Take advice if required. Be cautious in new projects. Don't indulge in unwanted relations. Chances of secrets get revealed.
Message from "The Fairies"-
Family is your priority. Give extra attention to them as they are totally dependent on you.

It's time to focus on your projects. Take hold on your responsibilities as you are capable and many are dependent on you. Monetary gain indicated. Keep yourself protected with divine light. Keep an eye on your surroundings.
Message from "The  Fairies"-
Go fearlessly, you have divine protection. Help will arrive whenever you will need.

Work pressure indicated. You might be surprised from people's behavior. Clearing out the burden from the past will help you and your loved ones to enjoy the present. Need more efforts to gain in your projects.
Message from "The Fairies"-
You are the star who has shine in the darkness. So always be positive. Success will be yours.

It's time to take action. Need to move forward. Don't be lazy. Be active. Need to be balanced with your work and family as they are part of your life. Give pleasant surprise to your family.
Message from "The Fairies"-
It's time to be with your loved ones. Focus on their needs. As they are your inner world.

Enjoyment time. You will feel good with your friends. Someone from your past will enter in your life. Beware of getting emotional blackmailed. New relation will flourish. Be careful in financial and property matters. Seek advice from the higher authorities.
Message from "The  Fairies"-
Old burden will be over. Release old unwanted vibes. Feel free for the positive vibes.

Don't keep higher expectations in relationship. Try to mellow down. Things are working according to your wish. Even you will receive divine blessings. Cheerful time. Enjoy like a child. 
Message from "The Fairies"-
Enjoy your life as much you can. As you will receive the divine bliss.

Be careful in financial matters. Follow your gut feelings. Spend sometime with your parents. As you required their blessings. Be careful while driving. Some ceremony indicated in your family.
Message from "The Fairies"-
Take out some time for yourself. Do Meditation or be with the nature.

May be you are upset from your younger child's behavior. Don't worry its a temporary
phase. Good news arriving. Need to be mellow down. Keep your emotions in control. Need to express your true love to your loved ones. Slowly and steadily you will win the heart.
Message from "The  Fairies"-
Abundance is in your hand. Feel free to grab it.

Be careful in signing legal documents. May be you are disheartened at your work place. Be firm, victory will be yours. De clutter your house. Try to make peaceful environment at your work and with your family. 
Message from "The Fairies"-
Beautify yourself and your environment.

It's time to reunite with your old friends. Keep an eye on your expenses. You will be released from unwanted burdens. Use your authorities in right way. Feel free to express your ideas. 
Message from "The Fairies"-
Spend some time with nature. Go for a walk or in the park. Enjoy the natural beauties. Revitalize yourself.

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