Monday, June 9, 2014

WEEKLY PREDICTION 8th June - 15th June

Be careful in investing money in shares. As you may not get returns as per expectation. Lending money also not advisable as it can spoil your relations. Need to compromise at your work place. Additional responsibilities will give u more work and less time to rest. Try to make peaceful environment and balance yourself.

Plan a vocational trip with your family but beware of theft. New ventures will be fruitful but have to take care in money matters. Do not take any hasty decision that may lead to problems. Overseas trip will be fruitful. Carrier growth and promotion are also possible. Singles are entering into wedding zone. Be ready for welcome gift from the universe.

Celebration in family indicated. Money will spend on luxuries. Those who are planning for their own house, will succeed. Family life will be peaceful and harmonious. But need to keep an eye on your expenses otherwise you will end up in loans. Be cautious and diplomatic while dealing any sort of situation.

Its time to show your talents. Go ahead without your doubts.
Your talents will be appreciated and fruitful. This week you will feel high (top of the world). Focus your time and energy on your projects and give best. Explore new places and meet new friends and expand your world. Commitment is necessary if you are into relationship. Have trust and faith whatever you do.

Your problems will be sort out soon. You will excel at your work place. For you work means money and security and you play the perfect role in it. You can take risk in order to expand your earning potential. Your love life is taking a turn. Reconciliation indicated. The biggest reward is to work out on rough patches and make things lighter and easier. Relationship will be more pleasurable and romantic.

You feel like you have been stuck financial wise because of unexpected expenditure. You may also feel difficult to gain the recognition you deserve. But changes indicated. Your enthusiasm will boost your confidence. Co-operation and compromise are keys to maintain harmonious relationship. Take your love life seriously and need to watch your words.

You will shine like a star. Your efforts will be fruitful. Fame indicated and you deserve it. Your intense level will be stronger and deeper. Need to be very clearer what you want as you are taking your relations to the next level. Enjoy every moment which makes you happy. Its time to relax and watch others. Be ready for new projects.

Things are moving very fast. You need to slow down and analyze yourself for future. Too much is going in your mind as returns are not as per expectation. But chances of new opportunities are expected which may result fruitful later. Seek advice if needed. Need to let go of any bitterness and strengthen yourself. Pay attention to the messages or images that show up in your dreams.

You are craving for security and stability but you should learn that it is within you and with your loved ones. May be you feel betrayed or tested but you have to face the reality. Utilize your resources and connection with powerful people to expand your good fortune. Those who are looking for financial support will get when you needed. Your money zone will be powerful to fulfill your dreams.

Don't miss the golden opportunity to expand your businesses. Its time to focus on your projects otherwise you will regret later. Need to be daring with your ambitions. But need to beware of your surroundings. Try to avoid making silly decisions that will upset you later. Be grounded instead of being in fantasy land.

Your future plans will fascinate you. Need extra effort to pitch your dream projects. Take out some time and retreat yourself. Many projects are lined up and you have to deal with it diplomatically. Keep distance from gossip and pettiness. Be sure to invest money in new projects. Being organized will help you to be able to make the cash flow better.

Trusting blindly in money matters will end up in problems. Things will not work out according to your expectation. You may feel cheated with whom you trust the most. Stop taking yourself for granted. Follow your gut feelings. Need to let go from your daily life. Its time to focus on yourself. Do meditation or exercises or indulge in exotic spa and rejuvenate yourself.

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