Monday, December 11, 2017

11-12-2017's Tarot Message by #SmitaTarotCardReader

Message from Tarot cards:
Queen of Pentacles:
Surrender your problems to nature. Let it heal you. Hug  big tree and feel it's warmth. Tell your problems to that tree and you will feel lighter. Nature has tremendous power to heal. You will get opportunity to improve your plans. You will invest your money wisely. You are born gifted to make things beautiful.  Your new ideas will enhance your career. Face your fears and grow stronger. You excel at taking care of others but today is your day, be open hearted and spend money on your necessities.
Message from Archangels and Fairies:
Your existing love life will blossom. Maybe you are lost in her/his thoughts. Don't be shy to express your feelings. Enjoy this wonderful gift. Let your heart sing with joy and enjoy true feelings.
Stay Blissful!!