Tuesday, January 9, 2018

09-01-2018's Tarot Message by #SmitaTarotCardReader

Message from Tarot cards:
Two of swords:
Whenever you are in doubt, ask and it is given. Seek guidance from your inner world. Blind trust may be painful. Maybe you had painful past and unable to understand or trust but have to release it. Grow from that situation. Time will heal all wounds. Look forward and move ahead. Do not over analyse the situation and hope that it will go away. Need to be strong and look for the better option. You may be exhausted or stressed but need to trust yourself or compromise or can take middle path. Be Angel for yourself.
Message from Archangels and Fairies:
Whatever you do will be successful only when have intention. Be sure that your thoughts and feelings are harmonious. Think what you expect from this. Your body movements reveal your identity. Listen to your body and it's craving.
Be Harmonious!!!